We dream big.

It is our mission to be the leading fine art logistics provider in Europe, by creating strong partnerships with the global fine art community to share and preserve our cultural heritage.

This ambition is constantly fuelled by the key values that outline what we stand for as an organisation, and form the foundation of our work ethic.

We are just as passionate as you are about what we do.

Meticulous attention to detail
From the interior of our trucks to the quality of our estimates and everything in between, we know that first impressions count.

We understand the responsibility that comes with working with unique and (in)valuable objects, and this defines every aspect of our working relationship with you.

Our priority is to offer tailor-made solutions to all our customers by understanding their needs, from the high standards required by museums to ease and efficiency for galleries.

We firmly believe that consistently questioning and researching our own sustainability, service, and product development leads to positive and exciting developments in all areas.

Get off to a solid start.

A well laid out plan is the best foundation for any project, and we’re a good place to start. Talk us through your proposal and let us put your mind at ease- we’re not easily intimidated.


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Safe and secure art storage

Starting at 1m2 and available for as long as you need, we have a safe storage solution that suits you.


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Not every project needs months of planning. Get your art from one place to the next with our quick, easy, and affordable Gallery Service.

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