HIZKIA is the new name of the offices of Hizkia Van Kralingen in The Hague (NL) and Antwerp (Willebroek) (BE) as well as the  acquired offices of Crown Fine Art in Amsterdam & Nieuw-Vennep (NL), Zaventem/Liege (BE), and Paris (FR). HIZKIA is now also the new name of MD Fine Art in Denmark and Sweden.

Please reach out to the office of HIZKIA in The Hague , the office of HIZKIA in Amsterdam , our colleagues of HIZKIA in Antwerp (Willebroek) in Belgium, the offices of HIZKIA Stockholm and HIZKIA Copenhagen and the office of HIZKIA in Paris . There are three offices in Germany. Brandl Transport - Member of HIZKIA in Berlin , Munich and Cologne .