Art depot

HIZKIA has the largest art depot in the Netherlands. It has an impressive 12,000 m2 of climate controlled, secure top quality depot space. It is also a sustainable building and meets all the latest requirements for museum quality storage and security.

Depot space is available on a per square metre basis for short periods and the longer term, and for a single work of art or an entire collection. There are no standard formulas for art, and neither are there for our services. We are flexible and are pleased to provide customized solutions.


Many museums and collectors have made use of our Collection Centre in The Hague since it was opened in 2014 and by now the depot is practically full. In December 2019 our new depot in our branch in Willebroek (Belgium) has opened. We are also planning to expand our storage presence in the Netherlands with an additional 12.000 m2 next year.

Ask about our capabilities or see our  brochure  for more information.