Photo: Karin Borghouts


HIZKIA Installs Loans from Boijmans at KMKSA

Although it was a happy and much-anticipated occasion, the opening of the KMSKA was also a disbanding of the close-knit team of museum staff and HIZKIA specialists that had spent so long working together. The reassurance that you will likely work together again in the future is both comforting and very realistic in an industry as small as the museum one is… But finding yourself together again after just a month is a happy coincidence even for us! ⁠

Photo: Studio Redivivus


Cause for this reunion was a loan from the Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam, whose doors are closed for renovation until 2028. Eight masterpieces were transported by HIZKIA to Antwerp for installation in the KMSKA by our art handlers, where they will be on view for the coming five years. 

The KMSKA opted for a different approach to the new presentation of their collection by veering away from grouping works by movement or period. Their rooms have been carefully curated by theme, giving the artworks a different context and viewers something to think about. The Boijmans loans have all been placed strategically within this concept, challenging viewers to look at familiar paintings with a fresh perspective.

Photo:  Studio Redivivus


'Landscape with a Girl Skipping Rope' by Salvador Dalí, pictured here, was prepared for the loan on-site in the Boijmans' depot by painting conservation  studio Redivivus , whose atelier is situated in the HIZKIA The Hague Collection Center. 

Photo:  Karin Borghouts


To read more about the paintings and the thought behind their placement throughout the @kmska_museum ’s thematic rooms, visit the KMSKA website .


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