Management and conservation advice

The HIZKIA team includes specialists in the management and conservation of art collections. They can advise you about making a collection plan, registration projects, digitization of your collection, and restoration work. Upon request they can also carry out risk analyses and preventive conservation tasks.

In the HIZKIA Collection Centre you can have your work of art or entire collection restored in secure and climate controlled areas. You can also have your collection digitized and have condition reports prepared. The studio and its photography facility have all the necessary modern equipment.

Restoration and conservation studio

The illustrious Redivivus restoration and conservation studio founded by Gwendolyn Boevé-Jones is in the HIZKIA Collection Centre in The Hague. A team of ten conservators works on national and international projects involving the management and conservation of paintings.

HiIZKIA’s team and its comprehensive portfolio of activities are at your service. Ask about our capabilities.