Your art is safe with us.

From exact climate control to strict security measures, our custom-built storage facilities are the safest environment for even the most fragile works of art. We make sure you feel confident that your art piece or collection is in safe hands for however long you need it to be.

Art Storage

Our storage facilities are housed within custom buildings, built to meet our high standards in both climate control and security. Choose between individual private rooms or general art storage with custom-racking systems, hanging screens, or panels.



Whether you need short-term storage to give you peace of mind while on holiday, or a more permanent option to create space elsewhere, our storage starts at 1m2 and is available for as long as you need.

In-house Facilities

Care for your piece or collection starts with conservation and management. We can facilitate registration, administration, and restoration, and also have areas dedicated to quarantine.

Free Port

Our depots include customs-bonded warehouse space for rent, also known as a free port. This is space approved by customs authorities and therefore free of import duties.




  • The Hague

    12000 m2

  • Amsterdam

    10000 m2

  • Belgium

    7000 m2

  • Paris

    4500 m2

  • Copenhagen

    8000 m2

  • Stockholm

    2500 m2

  • Germany

    17000 m2