Collection Management and Conservation

Preserving for future generations.

As the owner or caretaker of an art piece or collection, you have accepted responsibility in ensuring it lasts for generations to come. However, that responsibility doesn’t come with the necessary expertise in conservation and preservation. We’re here to help!

Collection Monitoring

We can refer you to professionals who can expertly examine your collection, and write a detailed report with advice on what type of care it needs to be kept safe and at its best for years to come.

Collection Care

Our offices work with esteemed partners offering services to actively preserve your collection, including restoration, conservation, and condition checks and reports.

Environmental Control

Our art storage depots are climatized, and free of any risk of molds or insect infestations.


Our depot staff is on-site and can receive shipments, help move any objects, offer advice on packaging, and field any questions you may have.


Entrance to our depots is strictly monitored by our depot teams, and under surveillance 24 hours a day.

Free Port

Our depots have a so-called Free Port, or customs-bonded warehouse, where you can safely store your artworks without clearing customs.