The Hague

Where fine art meets the sea, HIZKIA The Hague is the epicentre of the company’s innovation and product development and a true art shipping authority in the museum industry.

A seasoned team of experts in all areas and a large depot gives this location the resources to offer extensive collection care and management services, further fortified by the presence of renowned Conservation and Restoration Studio Redivivus in the same building.


Experienced in large-scale, high-end, complex exhibitions, special projects and travelling shows




Large, state-of-the-art depot with extensive in-house collection care facilities

Home to our largest signature-yellow HIZKIA fleet

CO2 Performance Ladder

The CO2 Performance Ladder is an instrument that helps organisations reduce their carbon emissions in the organisation, in projects and in the business sector. With a certificate on the Ladder, organisations can receive an award advantage for their registration on tenders. The instrument is used as both a CO2 management system as well as a procurement tool.

Click here for the CO2-Awareness Certificate Level 3

Click here for the CO2 Performance Ladder Report 2023 1st half-year report

Click here for the CO2 Performance Ladder Report 2022

Click here for the CO2 Performance Ladder Report 2022 1st half-year report

Click here for the CO2 Performance Ladder Report 2021

Even before this report was drafted, many measures had already been investigated to reduce consumption. We are also looking at the possibilities for installing solar panels on the roof of our offce and depot in The Hague to generate green power. That and other measures can be found in this report. In addition, various energy flows that result in CO2 emissions have been identified and quantified. Only scopes 1, 2 and 3 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol have been taken into account. This report also includes how we involve our employees in reducing our footprint.

This report will be revised each year and we will review whether HIZKIA is on course to achieve its goals. All such future reports will also be made available here.