Safety first.

Every artwork is unique, and its travel requirements reflect this. We take pride in challenging the confines of conventional art packaging with concentrated efforts to reduce our footprint.


Wherever possible, we focus on high-quality and sustainable packaging solutions that promote our dedication to change in the industry, like the reusable and modular Turtle.


TURTLE, the safe and most sustainable museum crate in the world, has been trusted by museums worldwide since 1994 to safely transport their most valuable artworks. Years of innovation through research and development have resulted in an entire catalogue of unrivalled design, available worldwide and to everyone through respected partners in the industry.

Carpentry and Packing Shop

For tailored packing solutions, we can offer the services of highly-skilled, in-house carpentry teams who can build according to your artwork’s requirements. From a travel frame to a simple box that offers extra protection for short distances to a museum standard, climatized wooden crate for outgoing loans, our teams can help you choose what your artwork needs.

On-site Packing

Our art handlers come prepared, and can expertly pack any artwork for safe travel on-site.

High-Quality Materials

A tailored packing job doesn’t necessarily mean a custom-built crate. Our art handlers can assess your artwork and pack it safely, choosing from a wide variety of quality materials such as acid-free paper, bubblewrap, Tyvek, PE film, Melinex, cushions, reusable plastic crates, backing boards, and glass tape.  Ask us about the possibilities!