About us

For the love of art.

HIZKIA is a global provider of fine art logistics, transport, and collection management services.

When it comes to art, seeing is believing. You can think you’ve seen a painting after looking at a photo in a book, but there is no comparison to standing in front of that same painting and seeing the artist’s brush strokes on the canvas.

Art strengthens the mind: it inspires, intrigues, and connects us to new cultures, practices, and ideas. At HIZKIA, we believe this should be a universal experience, and aim to use our expertise to make art accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Operating from offices throughout Europe, we aim to facilitate this by offering museums, galleries, auction houses and individual collectors a wide range of specialist services. This includes art handling, transport, installation, project management and coordination, storage, and collection care management.

We stand for delivering the highest quality when it comes to managing and preserving our shared cultural heritage. This common ambition is reinforced by the diversity of our ten offices, each with their own areas of expertise, expanding our collective knowledge base.

We dream big.

It is our mission to be the leading fine art logistics provider in Europe, by creating strong partnerships with the global fine art community to share and preserve our cultural heritage.

We do this while understanding our responsibility to innovate whenever possible in the fields of sustainability, service, and product development.

Where it all began.

Our CEO and Founder Hizkia Van Kralingen started his business in The Hague (NL) in 1990. Now, over three decades later, HIZKIA is still family-owned and has grown into a European authority in fine art logistics.

While we always look forward as a company, it is our past that reminds us why we do what we do, what we’ve learned along the way, and how far we’ve come as a result.



HIZKIA is a European company with 300 employees in 10 offices spanning six countries, but first and foremost we are one team. By preserving and embracing what makes each individual location unique, we can learn from each other and offer you more skill, expertise, and service. Together we can reach new heights!


Being a part of the team at HIZKIA means you are passionate about what you do! We are a people-first organisation and to continue honouring that as we grow, we are regularly looking for energetic, hands-on, and ambitious people to join our teams in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. Look at our current job opportunities here.

Don’t see a job description that fits? We are always interested in meeting new people who can add value to the organisation. You can email your resumé and personal motivation to us here.

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We’ve been setting the modern precedent for sustainable fine art shipping since the very beginning. Making art accessible around the world comes at a price, and we take this responsibility seriously.

In 1990, new kid on the block Hizkia Van Kralingen started his business intending to stand out in conscious and sustainable art packaging. Over thirty years later, HIZKIA continues to set the precedent in this field, but our goals for the future go much further. We are determined in working towards the implementation of sustainability measures in all layers of the organisation.

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