Brandl Transport – Member of HIZKIA is new Turtle Partner

We are pleased to announce that Brandl Transport - Member of HIZKIA is the new TURTLE Partner in Germany.

We recently acquired the Brandl Transport offices in Cologne, Berlin, and Munich, which are now part of HIZKIA. The service portfolio of TURTLE Germany is integrated into the activities of Brandl Transport – member of HIZKIA.

This is a positive change for our customers; a better distribution network will become available to them via Brandl Transport – Member of HIZKIA.

In Germany TURTLE products will be available via Brandl Transport – Member of HIZKIA, and through other shippers. Sandy Stephan will remain the contact person for TURTLE in Germany. (E:

Turtle has been used since 1994 by museums across the globe for the safe, innovative, and sustainable transportation of valuable artworks. As a result of working with partners like HIZKIA, Turtle is now available all over the world.