Art Handling

You’re in safe hands.

Calm, respectful, and reliable, our trained professionals can pack, unpack, handle and install your art piece to perfection, putting your mind at ease and, more often than not, a smile on your face.


After the years of work that have gone into your next exhibition, seeing it come to life should be nothing short of perfect. Our technicians work hard with your team to make sure every piece is installed with equal care and attention to detail by following a precisely thought-out plan that leaves no room for surprises.

Large-scale installations

The final stage of a renovation of any length is exciting and emotional. This is the moment your museum comes back to life, piece by piece, according to carefully laid-out plans. Our art handling teams are specialised in working with you to ensure that this complex phase is executed with precision, skill, and a smile on your face.

Workshops and Training

There are times when handling art becomes your responsibility. Not everyone is confident in their ability as an art handler but it can be valuable for your team to know the basics, like during a calamity. Our art handlers can give museum staff specialist training in the basics of handling, packing, and unpacking of art pieces using examples from their own collections.

Large and heavy objects

Some art pieces require a specific type of instalment involving specialist equipment and, more importantly, know-how. We have lots of experience in this field, and can help with not only the moving of large and heavy objects but also any necessary permits and/or safety measures.

Great heights

Very large paintings, or art installations that run the full length of a building- handling such pieces calls for specialist equipment and expertise. Our art handlers are experienced in and comfortable working on scaffolding of any height, and if that’s not enough we can facilitate secured handling in climbing ropes installed on-site.

On-site packing and unpacking with couriers

Loans are often chaperoned by couriers, who must be present when any transport crate is opened to confirm its safe arrival. Our art handlers know this procedure well, and you can count on their cooperation and assistance.