Safe and secure from beginning to end.

Fine art transport is our core business, and with over thirty years under our belt we can say with confidence that we know a thing or two about it. From local transports to international shipments, by land, sea, or air, we can advise you on the best way for your art to travel.

Air Freight

We have a tight-knit relationship with various central European ports, where the service and handling meets our standards. We provide supervision all the way to the tarmac, and can facilitate the travel needs of couriers accompanying artworks.

Road Transport

Our extensive network of offices and large fleet mean we can work with more efficiency and loading capacity, increasing our focused efforts to work sustainably.


Having the right paperwork on hand is essential for any type of shipment. We do international customs brokering in-house, and can supply any documentation necessary for your art’s destination. Besides mandatory cultural export licences, we are authorised to import artwork that falls under the international agreement CITES, and are familiar with the use of customs documents like ATA carnet.

Free Port

Many of our depots include customs-bonded warehouse space for rent, also referred to as a free port. This space has been approved by customs authorities and is therefore free of import duties, which is ideal for artwork in transit for example.

Drivers & Handlers

Our drivers and art handlers are our company’s calling card. They are trained in-house to guarantee the high standard of service and skill necessary to transport valuable artwork.


Ever since its beginning in 1990, HIZKIA has taken its responsibility in reducing climate impact and working sustainably seriously. Find out what we do to reduce our footprint here.