Sustainable art logistics

We believe in development and growth; it is at the heart of all that we do.

Making art accessible around the world comes at a price, and we take this responsibility seriously.

We make sustainable art logistics possible. The importance of reducing global C02 emissions cannot be underestimated, and in line with the COP21 Paris Climate Agreement (2015), we are committed to reducing energy consumption in all our business activities, whilst proudly maintaining the highest standards of our service.

HIZKIA embraces the key sustainable principles of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’, and in compliance with the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG), we are embarking on a full CO2E audit across the group. This ongoing assessment enables the disclosure of key information to ‘Scope 3’ stakeholders, regarding our environmental impact in the wider commercial art and museum exhibition value chains. It also forms the basis for measured CO2 reduction processes in the workplace, and initial steps on this journey have reduced direct ‘Scope 1’ emissions in our key operations by 30%[BF1] , as well as making significant cost savings.
In addition to holding ISO 14001 and 50001 standards on efficient energy use and environmental management, some key initiatives introduced at HIZKIA are as follows:

  •  The ongoing innovation and research into alternative packing and reusable crating.
  • Optimising international transport routings, continually seeking opportunities for collaboration and consolidating    shipments wherever permitted.
  • The introduction of energy efficient warehousing and office facilities.
  • The increased use of electric vehicles, both for freight and business travel.
  • Activity based assessments for continuous improvement of fleet efficiency.
  • Comprehensive CO2 reporting and analysis of all international travel, including Scope 3 museum courier activity.
  • Switching to green, renewable energy providers in all workspaces.

As a recognised transporter and custodian of global cultural heritage, HIZKIA’s efforts in this sector support the post war UNESCO concept of knowledge sharing for the purpose of preserving and advancing humanity. In the 21stCentury, our organisation is laying the foundations for a sustainable future, not only for the purpose of reducing climate change, but also from the perspective of societal and economic development (embracing the philosophy of ‘People, Planet and Profit’), and we continue to explore ways of ‘meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’ (Brundtland, 1987).

We welcome you on this journey with us. For further information on our activities, please contact us.