Art strengthens the mind.

We are proud to offer you an extensive range of specialist services in the management, transportation, and conservation of your collection.

We are proud to offer you an extensive range of specialist services in the management, transportation, and conservation of your collection.

Like you, we’re firm believers that art should be experienced first-hand whenever possible.

From the packaging and transport of a single art piece to the shipment, handling, and installation of an entire exhibition or collection, we want to work with you to achieve this.

This common objective and years of experience have earned us the loyalty and trust of museums, private collectors, galleries, corporate collections, artist estates and studios, and government entities all over the world.


The next best place for your collection is with us.

  • Art Storage

    Our storage facilities are housed within custom buildings, built to meet our high standards in both climate control and security. Choose between individual private rooms or general art storage with custom-racking systems, hanging screens, or panels.


    • Climate and pest control
    • High-security
    • Free Port
  • Flexible

    Whether you need short-term storage for a small renovation, or a more permanent option to create space elsewhere, our storage starts at 1m2 and is available for as long as you need.


    • Easily accessible
    • On-site depot team
  • In-house Facilities

    Care for your piece or collection starts with conservation and management. We can facilitate registration, administration, restoration, and also have areas dedicated to quarantine. Our staff is always on hand to offer help and advice.


    • Advice
    • Specialist Equipment
    • Packaging
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  • I work at a small museum, are your services available to me?

    Yes! We work with museums and institutions of all sizes, and our services can be as comprehensive as you need them to be.

  • What kind of art pieces do you transport?

    Drawings and pastels, paintings, ceramics, complete installations, sculptures or objects of any size, and everything in between- we have seen it all. We have experience with even the most unusual objects, and are equipped to transport, pack, handle, and/or install any type of art piece, just ask!

  • Do your art handlers bring packing materials, or do we supply these ourselves?

    Our art handlers have been briefed beforehand, and will arrive with a selection of packing materials suitable for an endless variety of artworks.

  • How do you pack artwork for shipping?

    This depends on the artwork, size, condition, and materials. We can offer a wide range of packing solutions, from the bare basics to the highest standards. Our experts can help decide what you need!

  • I'm importing/exporting a loan, can you help me with customs?

    Absolutely! We are familiar with any necessary procedures, forms, or permits and can make sure everything crosses the border smoothly.

  • What is HIZKIA's policy on sustainability?

    We take our responsibility as an organisation very seriously with regards to sustainable conduct and reducing our footprint, and take this into consideration with every decision we make. Fo example, we offer sustainable packing solutions and reuse wherever we can, can include carbon offset in any quotes or tenders, and our facilities are increasingly green.