Escher, Warhol, Marilyn and HIZKIA!

Getting up close and personal with world famous artworks is just one of the many perks of the job, and it never gets old

Following Escher in The Palace’s successful exhibition ‘Andy Warhol: Obsession with Editions!’ in The Hague, HIKZIA de-installed and safely packed the ten screen prints of iconic women to return to their owner.

Like Escher, Warhol believed in making art accessible to everyone. Both artists chose techniques that allowed them to produce work in editions to achieve this. Today their work is invaluable despite these good intentions but making it accessible remains important. When it comes to art, seeing is believing! We truly believe in the power of experiencing a work of art in person, and this inspires us at HIZKIA every day.

One of the (many!) perks of being an art handler is the unique privilege of getting up close and personal with works of art that are usually kept at considerable distance from their viewers. This experience never gets old, and even our most seasoned art handlers are still regularly starstruck when handling one of the world’s most known and recognized art pieces, as illustrated here by HIZKIA The Hague’s Alex and Patrick!

Seeing art from this perspective is unique to the work that happens behind the scenes at any museum or gallery. The lack of distance makes artists human: their handwriting on the back of a canvas, their fingerprint in the varnish of a painting, visible remnants of a sculptor’s tools in a material’s surface- physical evidence that every artwork, no matter how iconic it may be, once began as raw material or a blank canvas.