Marco Oosterwijk is the new COO of HIZKIA

We are delighted to announce that from July 1, 2023, Marco Oosterwijk will take office as the new Chief Operations Officer of HIZKIA.

He will join Hizkia Van Kralingen (CEO) and Anneke van der Sanden (CFO) on the Board of Directors of Group HIZKIA.

The HIZKIA DNA is ingrained in Marco, who has been with us for over twenty years: first as General Manager, and most recently as Managing Director of Brandl – Member of HIZKIA in Cologne, Munich, and Berlin after the acquisition last year.

From these positions he has not only watched our company grow but played an instrumental role in our evolution as well. Marco is always focused on delivering the highest quality of service and inspiring others to do the same, which he does with a great sense of empathy and attention to detail. As the dust settles after a period of transition for HIZKIA, we are confident in Marco to continue instilling these key values within our company culture as we move forward.

Marco Oosterwijk: “I am excited about being appointed COO in the company that I have worked at for so long and that I love very much. I am confident that as a group we will continue to create a higher level of service for art clients across Europe and beyond. I look forward to a pleasant continuation of our cooperation with colleagues in the industry, with whom I have built up a strong relationship over the years”.