MD Fine Art is now HIZKIA

After more than 45 years of servicing the global fine arts community, MD Fine Art (Møbeltransport Danmark Fine Art) is now HIZKIA.

HIZKIA will be the new name as of April 20th 2022 of the offices of MD Fine Art in Denmark and Sweden.

Møbeltransport Danmark Fine Art is caring for the artworks and cultural objects of the Danish and Swedish museums, galleries, and clients with the highest quality of service. It is with this knowledge, professionalism, and passion that the team at MD Fine Art is excited to continue their work for the preservation of their cultural heritage under the new name of HIZKIA and together with the other HIZKIA offices.

Hizkia Van Kralingen rebranded their organization in The Hague and Amsterdam (NL), Willebroek (B) and Paris (FR) in November 2021 with one single name which was already familiar to the global community. The brand name HIZKIA reflects the values we stand for and simultaneously represents our vision for the future. Together we continue to expand our menu of services as well as our geographic locations, while we remain focused on delivering the highest level of trust and attention to our clients.

HIZKIA embodies the very heart of who we are: inspired by art, driven by service.