ICEFAT Audit Seal

ICEFAT Certified Standards

HIZKIA in Amsterdam, Cologne and Paris have been awarded the ICEFAT Audit Seal.

The HIZKIA branches in Amsterdam, Cologne and Paris hold membership in ICEFAT, the International Convention of Exhibition and Fine Art Transporters and have now proudly been awarded with the ICEFAT Audit Seal.

At its core, ICEFAT represents a worldwide network of dependable alliances. Established in 1977, ICEFAT is the oldest, largest and most involved art logistics organization, boasting the most extensive and engaged network. Membership is exclusive, all members are vetted and voted in based on their track record, longevity, excellence, and integral business practices.

As member of ICEFAT, we are honored to serve as custodians of our cultural heritage.

Our commitment to excellence has been recognized with the prestigious ICEFAT seal and wordmark. This emblem signifies that HIZKIA Amsterdam, HIZKIA Cologne and HIZKIA Paris have undergone rigorous vetting, with our processes and procedures independently verified by third-party auditors. Only companies in good standing with ICEFAT and their facilities that meet the stringent ICEFAT standards, validated by auditors such as EY, are authorized to display this seal.