It’s official - after 30 years of servicing the global fine arts community we’re moving to a first-name basis: HIZKIA.

HIZKIA will be the new name as of today of the offices of Hizkia Van Kralingen in Willebroek (BE) and The Hague (NL) as well as the recently acquired offices of Crown Fine Art in Zaventem (BE), Amsterdam & Nieuw-Vennep (NL), and Paris (FR).

The brand name HIZKIA reflects the values we have always stood for while simultaneously representing our vision for the future. We decided to rebrand our organization with one single name which is already familiar to our global community. And as we continue to expand our menu of services as well as our geographic locations, we remain focused on one thing and one thing only – delivering the highest level of trust and attention to our clients.

HIZKIA embodies the very heart of who we are: Inspired by art, driven by service.

From December 1st 2021 the email addresses of our personnel will change to reflect the new brand name HIZKIA as follows: (first name).(last name)@hizkia.com. Current contact details will also remain in use.