Many works of art are vulnerable and they represent substantial value, both financial and emotional. They therefore have to be well protected during transport. HIZKIA’s specialists are experts in packing art.

HIZKIA uses the most modern packaging materials and in many cases develops them itself. Literally made-to-measure solutions for the safest protection of your art. In common with our durable and sustainable Turtle and Turtle uNltd, our other packaging options also use as much reusable material as possible.


Hizkia Van Kralingen developed the Turtle, a safe and durable climate crate that is used all over the world. This crate has now become the museum quality standard in the Netherlands. It can be used to transport works of art of different sizes thanks to its flexible corner support system. The crate also lasts a long time and is completely recyclable. There are specifications for and more technical information about the Turtle and the new Turtle uNLtd on .

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about the Turtle or about renting.