HVK workshops in BOZAR Brussels

Hizkia Van Kralingen was recently invited by Europalia to present a series of workshops in BOZAR Brussels on art packing and transport to a group of inner-city students.

The workshops were an initiative of TADA which is a non-profit organization that offers vulnerable teenagers extra opportunities by bringing them in contact with various professions to be able to offer new perspectives for their future.

On Saturday the 23rd of November Hizkia Van Kralingen Belgium (Gwen, Michel, and Keith) presented workshops to a total of 60 twelve-year old French-speaking students.  We brought various packing materials with us including the Turtle crate to provide the students interactive training in art packing and handling, and we had one of our fine art Sprinter vans on site to demonstrate the behind-the-scene details of art transport.

The workshops were a huge success, and with some luck we’ll hopefully see some of these students again in the future once they start looking for a career!