We proudly present the Turtle uNLtd

Hizkia Van Kralingen has developed the Turtle: an innovative, safe and durable climate crate with a unique, flexible system.

The crate is well on its way to becoming the global standard, from Atlanta to Zurich. Now there is also the Turtle uNLtd, which is even stronger, lighter, better insulated and more durable.

What makes the Turtle and the Turtle uNLtd the best art packaging

The layout of the interior of the Turtle and the Turtle uNLtd is adjustable thanks to an ingenious corner support system. One crate can be used for different sizes of work, and in fact several smaller works can be transported at the same time. The crate is very robust. On average it lasts fifteen years and it is completely recyclable. The latest materials, which insulate even better and are even lighter, have been employed in the development of the Turtle uNLtd. Extensive testing and ongoing refinement have delivered fantastic results.

Famous museums and agencies all over the world are building up their own inventories of Turtles – the ideal way to transport art. The crates can be rented in the Netherlands through Hizkia Van Kralingen.

There is more technical information about the Turtle on www.turtlebox.com. You can contact us if you have questions about the Turtle or about renting.


‘…the new Turtle is now the standard for art transport.’

Benno Tempel, Artistic Director, Gemeentemuseum, The Hague