HVK for Andy Warhol

Since 2 October, the La Boverie museum in Liège hosts the Andy Warhol exhibition "The American Dream Factory".

Dozens of original pieces from the oeuvre of the American pop art icon are on view until February 28, 2021.

Hizkia Van Kralingen was responsible for the behind-the-scenes project, the logistics and the installation and hanging of the artworks. La Meuse, the regional newspaper of Liège, published an article about the new exhibition, on 30 September. The article expressed great surprise at the enormous work that takes place behind the scenes to make this exhibition possible.

A colossal work

To organize this exhibition, Tempora Expo, in partnership with the City of Liège, had to carry out colossal work. The organization of the exhibition also required impressive logistics and more than 31 months of work. Behind the scenes, the team is busy getting ready. Nothing is left to chance and every detail counts. Starting with the transport of the works: “Some of them are estimated at several tens of millions of euros. Therefore we must be very careful when handling them. To do this, each work is transported in a special art transport box, then hung inside another box. In some cases, the boxes can even be air conditioned to prevent the artwork from being degraded due to the change in temperature and climate. Moreover, when they arrive, they are left to rest for 24 hours to acclimatize “.

Then you have to install these works of art, carefully: “We are working with a specialist Dutch company. The Hizkia Van Kralingen art handlers handle the artworks with great care and with specific techniques to be able to safely hang them on the walls. They use a laser to perfectly position the artwork. They barely touch artwork and wear special gloves. We don’t realize the complexity of their work ”.