Mobile Exhibition This Art Truck

An exhibition in the 8.5-meter-long trunk of a Hizkia Van Kralingen truck? That happened on the weekend of June 5, when This Art Truck drove around the streets of Amsterdam.

The truck showed and sold works by fifteen artists who would have participated in the canceled event This Art Fair in May, an event organized by Stichting Art in Redlight, in collaboration with Hizkia Van Kralingen.

“We offer a platform for young, recently graduated artists, and for experienced artists who have been working on the road for some time,” said Mette Samkalden, director of This Art Fair. The mobile exhibition, in a second HVK truck, was shown in Rotterdam and The Hague. It is the first in a series of alternative activities of the team behind the annual Amsterdam art fair, which normally attracts over 150 artists and an average of 9,000 people. Keep an eye on the website and social media channels of This Art Fair for more information about artists who would have been part of This Art Fair 2020 and for their small-scale pop-up exhibitions and events!

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