Partnership HVK and Museum De Lakenhal

Museum director Meta Knol, of Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden, welcomed Hizkia van Kralingen to the ‘Young Rembrandt - Rising Star’ exhibition on Friday November 1st.

Hizkia Van Kralingen and Museum De Lakenhal signed a partnership agreement and were the first to take a peek at the preview of the largest exhibition since the renovation of Museum De Lakenhal.


The museum re-opened on June 16th 2019. Hizkia Van Kralingen, the official carrier, took care of the project management and all transport of the artworks using Turtle , the safe, innovative and sustainable climate crate.

Two of the largest Dutch daily newspapers, NRC and De Volkskrant, wrote rave reviews regarding the exhibition about the run-up to Rembrandt’s extraordinary career:

NRC : “Young Rembrandt was ambitious and full of bravado. With bold compositions and new themes, Rembrandt already distinguished himself in his younger years, according to an exhibition in Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden.”

De Volkskrant : “The exhibition about the young Rembrandt in Museum De Lakenhal is possibly the best of the entire Rembrandt year ★★★★★. We follow Rembrandt’s progress closely. With the month we see him get better.”