HIZKIA provides logistics, art transport and collection management services to museums and private collectors worldwide. Operating from offices throughout Europe, we constantly seek to improve the high quality of our complete package of specialist services and our unique approach.

Our brand name reflects the values we have always stood for while simultaneously representing our vision for the future. HIZKIA represents a combined 40+ years of experience, knowledge, and skill in one single name which is already familiar to our global community. As we continue to expand our menu of services as well as our geographic locations, we remain focused on one thing and one thing only – delivering the highest level of trust and attention to our clients. 

HIZKIA embodies the very heart of who we are: Inspired by art, driven by service.


Superior quality in logistics, art transport and collection management

Listening carefully to our clients has made HIZKIA the undisputed market leader in the Netherlands and a major partner in international art transport. We are happy to provide private collectors and museums with tailor-made advice.

Under the HIZKIA portfolio there is an extensive range of specialist services: Art packing, art transport, installation and coordination of international loans, art storage, restoration, expert management and conservation of collections. With our in-house expertise we trust to offer you the best possible service and advice.


Turtle is the safest, most innovative and sustainable museum crate in the world and was originally developed by Hizkia van Kralingen in 1994. Turtle has been used by museums across the globe for the safe transportation of valuable artworks. Through years of innovation, Turtle has been developed to an unrivaled level. As a result of the collaboration with partners,  is now available worldwide. HIZKIA is partner for the Benelux.

The Story of Turtle 

A mini-documentary by renowned documentary maker Oeke Hoogendijk about a revolution in art transport created from a fresh perspective, inspired by time in the sea

In The Story of Turtle, she shows how priceless works of art can be transported safely and sustainably in the revolutionary, reusable transport crate. 

Hizkia van Kralingen: "Oeke Hoogendijk is a phenomenon in the art world. We met for the first time in 2014, worked together in 2015 and got in touch again when she made ‘My Rembrandt’. The work behind the scenes of an exhibition, with the packaging and transport of art, aroused her interest and her enthusiasm for the Turtle has now created this gem of a mini-doc."

Read the news article about The Story of Turtle here .


We asked Oeke Hoogendijk, famous for her prize-winning documentary The New Rijksmuseum, to make a Mini Doc about HIZKIA. This is the result: a splendid picture of what our company stands for – love of art, quality and professional skill.